Sunday, June 26

Hereeeeee Chook, Chook, Chook, Chook

I have recently found myself talking to my fine, feathered friends....well not really feathered but more like ceramic.....does this mean I'm going potty? My very good friends Brian & Lynda Muir of Chippy Choppy Creations based in sunny Queensland make these gorgeous range of birds and other friendly critters and very soon we will welcome a new little friend of the canine variety. Since opening the gallery we have welcomed and farewelled quite a few of these quirky creations and I really enjoy hearing the stories about their new homes with many of my customers returning with the updates....back to the barn!!!

Tuesday, May 31

European Cabinetmakers Workbenches

I have noticed many of my customers appear to be men, I mean it's actually men who feel quite at home browsing The Pear House floor. When I think about it I guess there are some pretty blokey pieces and here is such one item to whet the appetite and to keep 'em interested.

Not to count out us girls, one of these would look great as a kitchen bench, sideboard or an entry table. Think industrial, rustic. What do you think?

Sunday, May 29

My very first goes

I can't believe The Pear House has been open for nearly 6 months, the response has been overwhelmingly great. I'm using these colder, less busy couple of months to source some fantastic new goodies for my already regular customers. Pressure's on to keep 'things' interesting.